Mike Furtak

What Lucy Says

May 21, 2022

Case: 4ms Pod48X



⚠️ The powered Pod48X only has four power connectors internally, so this setup can't work without a flying bus cable or multi-power cable of some kind.

This compact rack explores using the Lucy Says No (LSN) Stereo to control a feedback loop of stereo effects from Noise Engineering.

Imitor Versio, Melotus Versio, and Desmodus Versio are heavily modulated by Triple Sloths to keep the sounds evolving.

Signal flow

flowchart TD
  A -- audio --> F[Out]
  A[LSN] -- audio --> B[Imitor]
  B -- audio --> C[Melotus]
  C -- audio --> D[Desmodus]
  D -- audio --> A
  E[Sloths] -- CV --> B & C & D