Mike Furtak

Three Thirty-Five

Jun 26, 2022

Case: 4ms Pod48X



⚠️ The powered Pod48X only has four power connectors internally, so this setup can't work without a flying bus cable or multi-power cable of some kind.

This compact rack is my first experiment with Clank Chaos. The voices are Surface and Manis Iteritas, with all gates, pitch, and modulation come from the Chaos. Melotus Versio provides extra interest and texture.

Chaos modulates the strike, delay, and tone on the Surface while also controlling the LPF on the Manis, and the tone on the Melotus. The melotus is also clocked by the Chaos.

The built-in per-channel looping on the Chaos is really nice. This allows me to keep the bassline looping relatively staticly, while letting me to choose when the melody progresses.

Signal flow

flowchart TD
  C[Chaos] -- clock --> U[Melotus]
  C -- cv --> U
  C -- trig --> S[Surface]
  C -- v/oct --> S
  C -- cv --> S
  C -- trig --> M[Manis]
  C -- v/oct --> M
  C -- cv --> M
  M -- audio --> T[STMix]
  S -- audio --> T
  T -- audio --> U