Mike Furtak

A Tribute to Mutable Instruments

Apr 29, 2022

Case: Blackhole SEVEN_60


I put this case together after being reminded that Mutable Instruments (MI) module production was slowly coming to an end.

When I was first starting to get interested in exploring eurorack, MI modules were a huge part of the attraction. Their sounds were elegant, their hardware was refined and approachable, and their manuals were well considered and understandable. They somehow demanded that you get your hands on them.

Though I had seen it done many times, I had never brought together enough MI modules in one case to make an all-Mutable instrument to play. This rack was how I chose to approach that challenge. MI never made any 1U modules, so obviously not every module in there is made by Mutable Instruments, but I feel that for the case I had to work with, I acheived the spirit of my goal.