Mike Furtak


May 18, 2022

Case: 4ms Pod48X



⚠️ The powered Pod48X only has four power connectors internally, so this setup can't work without a flying bus cable or multi-power cable of some kind.

This compact rack explores using the Tirana II to sequence both pitch and changes to Plaits' model. So, as Tirana's CV values get tweaked, it shapes both the kinds of sounds produced by Plaits, and what notes are selected by the quantizer. Plaits was triggered with a euclidian pattern generated by Pamela's New Workout.

Speaking of the quantizer, Bard Quartet is a wonderfully performable one. It allows you to set up 8 different "harmony" slots that allow you to change the quantizer note mask and octave offset with a twist of a knob. My 3 configurations were spread across 3 octaves and selected different notes from the scale for variety.

Imitor Versio provides lots of delay lines to fill out the soundscape, clocked at 1/4 of the main clock rate.

Signal flow

flowchart TD
  A[Tirana] -- CV --> E[Bard Quartet]
  C[Pam's] -- Clock --> A
  E -- V/Oct --> F[Plaits]
  F -- Out > In --> G[Imitor]
  C -- Tap --> G
  A -- Model --> F
  A -- Timbre --> F
  A -- Morph --> F
  C -- Trig --> F