Mike Furtak

Echoing Steps

Jul 30, 2022

Case: Blackhole SEVEN_60



This is my first patch and recording since taking a bit of a summer break. Clank Chaos and Steppy are in a small pod off-screen, doing the melodic and rhythmic sequencing, respectively.

The kick is provided by Crater and the shaker sound comes from Fracture.

Two simple voices round out this rack, with additional depth provided by the effects in their chains:

The first is Dixie II, through Triptych. It plays the higher melodic parts, with Mimeophon giving the voice reverb and rhythmic interest.

The second is Plaits through Ripples. An iconic combo for sure! Data Bender provides some glitching, stuttering, and saturation, for extra spice.

Jumble Henge ties the mix together.

Signal flow

flowchart TD
  C[Chaos] -- 1v/oct --> Dixie
  C -- trig --> P[Pip Slope]
  P -- out lvl --> Triptych
  Dixie -- input --> Triptych
  Triptych -- audio --> Mimeophon
  C -- 1v/oct --> Plaits
  Plaits -- out --> Ripples
  Plaits -- aux --> Ripples
  Ripples -- low pass --> D[Data Bender]
  C -- clock --> Mimeophon
  C -- clock --> D
  Steppy -- trig --> Crater
  Crater -- low --> J[Jumble Henge]
  Steppy -- trig --> Fracture
  Fracture -- high --> J
  Mimeophon -- high mid --> J
  D -- low mid --> J