Mike Furtak

Ebb and Flow

May 14, 2022

Case: 4ms Pod48X



With this grouping of modules, I wanted to explore using the Tides as a 4-part droning chord voice.

With Sloths modulating Tides, the goal was to have the timbre of the voices evolve as the slope, smoothness, and shape change. As shift changes, the voicing of the chord changes.

With Sloths modulating Veils, the goal was to have the four voices in the chord drift in and out of focus.

Finally, with Sloths modulating Mimeophon, the goal was to have the color and repeat frequency evolve over time.

If I had 6 more HP in the case, I'd like to bring in Tirana so that I could sequence the chord voicings, and have the Mimeophon step through them with its gate output.

Signal flow

flowchart TD
  A[Sloths] -- slope --> B[Tides]
  A -- smoothness --> B
  A -- shape --> B
  A -- shift --> B
  B -- audio --> C[Veils]
  B -- audio --> C
  B -- audio --> C
  B -- audio --> C
  A -- CV --> C
  A -- CV --> C
  A -- CV --> C
  A -- CV --> C
  C -- audio --> D[Mimeophon]
  C -- audio --> D
  A -- zone --> D
  A -- color --> D