Mike Furtak

Bending the Spoon

May 28, 2022



⚠️ The powered Pod48X only has four power connectors internally, so this setup can't work without a flying bus cable or multi-power cable of some kind.

This compact rack explores using the Lucy Says No (LSN) Stereo in a feedback with 3 different stereo effects, each processing the feedback loop in parallel. To get the send audio to all three effects, the left and right channels are duplicated in a buffered mult (off camera, and not in diagram).

The three effects are Imitor Versio, Melotus Versio, and Data Bender. Each of their mix/blend knobs allows us to vary how much each effect is modifying the shared feedback signal. All three are modulated by Ochd, and clocked by Pamela's New Workout at different clock divisions.

To make room for their different characters, the output of each effect is sent to a different layer of Jumble Henge, which gives each some filter shaping to sit better in the combined mix.

Finally, Blades (off camera) is providing some filtering and drive just before output.

Signal flow

flowchart TD
  L[LSN] -- out ----> B[Blades]
  L -- send ----> I[Imitor]
  L -- send ----> U[Melotus]
  L -- send ----> D[Data Bender]
  B -- audio --> Out
  O[Ochd] -- CV ---> I & U & D
  I -- low --> J[Jumble Henge]
  U -- low mid --> J
  P[Pams] -- clock --> I & U & D
  P -- CV --> B
  D -- high mid --> J
  J -- return --> L