Mike Furtak


Jun 19, 2022

Case: Blackhole SEVEN_60



This rack is centered around a drone from Manis Iteritas, processed by Melotus Versio and Imitor Versio. In parallel, Lucy Says No (LSN) Stereo moderates a feedback loop for Data Bender.

Pamela's New Workout provides clock and modulation for 3 of the effects, and looping Zadar envelopes modulate the mix/blend on the effects.

Jumble Henge brings together the mix for the two voices before Ikarie provides end-of-chain filtering.

Triple Sloths modulates parameters on all the effects.

Signal flow

flowchart TD
  S[Sloths] -- CV ---> U & I & D
  L[LSN Stereo] -- send --> D[Data Bender]
  D -- return --> L
  Z[Zadar] -- CV --> M & D & I
  M[Manis] -- audio --> U[Melotus]
  U -- audio --> I[Imitor]
  I -- high --> J[Jumble Henge]
  L -- low mid --> J
  P[Pams] -- clock ---> I & U & D
  P -- CV --> I & U & D
  J -- mix --> K[Ikarie]