Mike Furtak


Aug 13, 2022


Snaps arcology diagram



This is my first experiment with combining monome norns and grids with my eurorack system.

Norns is running the arcologies script, which sequences its internal synth, as well as the eurorack, via a CV.OCD MIDI converter.

MIDI clock is fed into the effects modules to keep repetitions tidy, and gates from the norns trigger the Crater kick and Fracture percussion sounds. Fracture gets further processing by Mimeophon for additional repeats and tails.

Plaits is droning into Ripples, which is modulated by a cycling envelope from Pip Slope. This is then fed through Data Bender for some glitchy background sounds.

The arcology layout provides for 3 internal voices -- a simple bass sequence, and two layers of melodic sequence. By turning the "ports" on and off for the various structures on the grid, I can bring the parts in and out.

Signal flow

flowchart TD
  N[Norns] -- midi --> O[CV.OCD]
  O -- trigger --> T[Crater]
  O -- trigger --> F[Fracture]
  N -- mix --> Out
  O -- clock --> M
  F -- audio --> M[Mimeophon]
  P -- out ---> R
  R -- lp --> D
  D -- low mid --> J[Jumble Henge]
  T -- low --> J
  M -- high --> J
  J -- audio --> K[Ikarie]
  K -- audio --> N
  P[Plaits] -- aux --> R[Ripples]
  O -- clock --> D[Data Bender]